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Andrei Melville

National Research University Higher School of Economics

Curriculum Vitae, 2015

13, Ilyinka str., office 207, Moscow, Russia

Phone: +7 495 772 9590


Date of birth: May 8, 1950

Current position(s)

Founding dean of the Faculty of social sciences, HSE, since 2014

Head of the Department of political science, Faculty of social sciences, HSE, since 2014

Professor of political science, HSE, since 2009


Doctor of philosophy (Moscow State University, 1986)

Candidate of philosophy (Institute of Philosophy, Moscow, 1975)

Diploma (Moscow State University, 1972)
Academic Career

Dean of the Faculty of politics, HSE (2010-2014)

Professor of political science, HSE (2009-present)

Chair of the Dissertation council on political science, HSE, since 2010

Chair of the Dissertation council on political science, MGIMO-University, 2008-2009

Vice-rector, MGIMO-University (1999-2009)

Founding dean of the Faculty of political science, MGIMO-University (1998-2004)

Professor of political science, MGIMO-University (1989-2009)

Head of Department, Institute of the USA and Canada (1986-1989)

Head of Section, Institute of the USA and Canada (1982-1986)

Junior Researcher, Senior Researcher, Institute of the USA and Canada (1975-1982)
Visiting Professor

Stanford Overseas Program in Moscow, 2005-2006; 2006-2007

Bergen University, 1997, 1999, 2009

Berkeley University, 1992, 1994

Other Positions

Chairman of the Board, New Eurasia Foundation, since 2004

Chairman of the Board, Megaproject on Education in Russia, Open Society Institute, 1998-2003

Member of the Academic Council under the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, 2000-2009

Member of the Commission on Human Rights under the President of Russia, 1997-2002

Member of the National Reputation Council, British Petroleum, 2005-2010

Research Interests

Comparative authoritarianism, comparative democratization, political regimes, political change and political development, stateness and state capacity, comparative politics and world politics


Categories of political science (2011-2015)

Political science “laws” (2012-2014)

Contemporary political science (2012-2015)

New democracies and new autocracies (2009-2010)

Multivariate typologies of political systems of the modern states (2009-2010)

Introduction to political science (2009-2010)

Membership in Editorial Boards

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, since 2014

American Political Science Review, since 2012

European Journal of International Relations, since 2001

International Studies Quarterly, 2008-2013

Journal of International Relations and Development, since 2004

Polis, since 1989

Politeia, since 2000

Distinguished Scholar of Russia, 2004

First Award of the Russian Political Science Association for the best monograph, 2007

First Award of the Russian Political Science Association for the best textbook, 2002

Doctor Honoris Causa from the Immanuel Kant University, Russia, 2007

Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, 2002

Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, 2000
Membership in professional associations

American Political Science Association

International Political Science Association

International Studies Association

World International Studies Association

Russian Association of Political Science

Russian International Studies Association

Russian International Affairs Council
Selected publications


Political Atlas of the Modern World: And Experiment on Multidimensional Statistical Analysis of the Political Systems of Modern States (with Yuri Polunin, Mikhail Ilyin et al). 2010, Malden: Wiley-Blackwell.

Russian Foreign Policy in Transition: Concepts and Realities (co-editor with Tatiyana Shakleina and co-author). 2005, Budapest-New York: CEU Press.

The Glasnost Papers (co-editor with Gail Lapidus and co-author). 1990, Boulder: Westview Press.

Conservatism in US Ideology and Politics. 1986, Moscow: Progress Publishers.

USA – Shift to the Right? 1986, Moscow: Progress Publishers.

Books (in Russian)

Политология. Учебник (отв. ред. и соавтор). 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013. Москва: Проспект-пресс.

Как измерять и сравнивать уровни развития демократии в разных странах? (руководитель авторского коллектива и соавтор). 2009. Москва: МГИМО-Университет.

Политический атлас современности (руководитель авторского коллектива и соавтор). 2007. Москва: МГИМО-Университет.

«Мягкий путь» вхождения российских вузов в Болонский процесс (главный редактор и соавтор). 2005. Москва: ОЛМА-ПРЕСС.

Мир политической науки. Книга 1. Категории. Учебник (отв. ред. и соавтор). 2004. Москва: Просвещение.

Категории политической науки. Учебник (автор концепции, руководитель авторского коллектива и соавтор). 2002. Москва: РОССПЭН.

Демократические транзиты (теоретико-методологические и прикладные аспекты). 1999. Москва: МОНФ.

Внешние и внутренние факторы демократических транзитов. 1999. Москва: МГИМО.

США - сдвиг вправо? 1986. Москва: Наука.

Идеологическая стратегия США в международных отношениях (в соавторстве с И.Малашенко). 1985. Москва: Международные отношения.

Контркультура и «новый» консерватизм (в соавторстве с К.Разлоговым). 1976, Москва: Искусство.

Социальная философия современного американского консерватизма. 1976, Москва: Политиздат.

Articles, chapters, preprints

Herr des Hügels Stabilität und Fragilität postsowjetischer Regime. – Osteuropa, 2014. No.8.

“King of the Mountain”, or Why Postcommunist Autocracies Have Bad Institutions (with Denis Stukal and Mikhail Mironyuk). – Russian Politics and Law, 2014, Vol. 52, No. 2.

Trajectories of Regime transformation and Types of Stateness in Post-Communist Countries (with Denis Stukal and Mikhail Mironyuk). – Perspectives on European Politics and Society, 2013, Vol. 14, No. 4.

(Re-)Building the Ship of State at Sea? State Capacity and Regime Dynamics in Post-Communist Countries (with Denis Stukal). – Working Papers by NRU Higher School of Economics. Series “Political Science”, 2012, No. 7.

Trajectories of Regime Transformation and Types of Stateness in Post-Communist Countries (with Denis Stukal and Mikhail Mironyuk). – Working Papers by NRU Higher School of Economics. Series “Political Science”, 2012, No. 2.

Post-Communist Transformations in a Comparative Perspective. – In: 20 Years and Onward – Post-Soviet Russian Politics, 2011, Seoul: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Russia in 2020: Alternative Scenarios of the Near Future (with Ivan Timofeev). – In: Almqvest K. and Linalater A. (Eds.). On Russia. Stockholm: Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation, 2011.

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Political Atlas of the Modern World. Preprint (with Yuri Polunin, Mikhail Ilyin et al). 2009. Moscow: MGIMO-University.

Russia in Today’s World: And Experiment in Multidimensional Classifications. – UNISCI Discussion Papers, 2008, No. 17.

La Russia dopo due decadi di transizione: lo statj dell’arte. – Futuribili, 2007, N 3.

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Articles, chapters, etc. (in Russian)

Как и почему «зависают» демократические транзиты? Посткоммунистические уроки (в соавторстве с Б.Макаренко). - Политическая наука. 2014. № 3.

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"Царь горы", или почему в посткоммунистических автократиях плохие институты (в соавторстве с Д.Стукалом и М.Миронюком). – Полис. 2013. № 2.

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Государственная состоятельность, демократия и демократизация (На примере посткоммунистических стран) (в соавторстве с М.Миронком и Д.Стукалом). - Политическая наука. 2012. № 4.

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Потенциал международного влияния и эффективность внешней политики России (2008 - начало 2009 гг.) (в соавторстве с М.Ильиным, Е.Мелешкиной, М.Миронюком, В.Сергеевым и И.Тимофеевым). Аналитический доклад. М.: МГИМО-Университет, 2009.

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Selected conference papers

Why and When an Autocrat May be Motivated to Improve the Quality of Institutions - 56th Convention, International Studies Association (New Orleans, February 18-21, 2015)

«Bad Enough Governance»: State Capacity and Quality of Institutions in Post-Soviet Authoritarian and Hybrid Regimes. – 23rd World Congress of Political Science, International Political Science Association (Montreal, July 21-24, 2014)

How Durable/Vulnerable Are Post-Soviet Autocracies and Hybrid Regimes? – 4th Global International Studies Conference, World International Studies Committee (Frankfurt, August 6-9, 2014).

(Re-)Building the Ship of State at Sea? State Capacity and Quality of Institutions in Post-Communist Regimes. – Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (Washington, DC, August 28-30, 2014).

How Durable/Vulnerable Are Post-Soviet Autocracies and Hybrid Regimes? - Legitimate Repression in Post-Soviet States? European University Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder , November 21-23, 2013)

Why there are no Post-Communist Autocracies with Good Institutions - Annual Alexander Dallin Lecture in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies. Stanford University, April 9, 2013.

(Re-) Building the Ship of State at Sea? State Capacity, Democracy and Democratization: An Empirical Analysis – 54th Convention, International Studies Association (San-Francisco, April 5-7, 2013)

Russian Politics Today: Stagnation and Awakening. – University of Edinburgh, Dec. 13, 2012.

Stateness Types and Trajectories of Regime Transformations in Post-Communist States: An Empirical Analysis. – 22nd Congress of International Political Science Association (Madrid, July 10, 2012).

How Do Transitions to Democracy Get Stuck and Where? – Tartu University, Sept. 12, 2012.

Trajectories of Post-Communist Transformations in a Comparative Perspective» – Tartu University, Sept. 13, 2012.

Diversity Reaffirmed: Russian Regions and the World Crisis – 53rd Convention of the International Studies Association (San Diego, February 18, 2012).

BRICS in a Russian Mirror. – International Conference «BRICS e la reforma da governance economica global» (Rio de Janeiro, May 17, 2011).

Preconditions of Democracy and Limits of Democratization: Lessons from Post-Communist Experience. – International Conference «Twenty Years After the Collapse of the Soviet Union: Change, Continuity and New Challenges» (Berlin, December 2, 2011).

Russia’s Post-Communist Transformation in a Comparative Perspective. – International Conference «20 Years On – Post-Soviet Russian Politics: Ideologies, State Systems? And World Strategies» (Seoul, December 15, 2011)

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