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Авторская разработка

Английский язык. Компетентностные задачи.

Автор разработки: Фатеева Татьяна Алексеевна-учитель английского языка

Учебное учреждение: МОУ Каргасокская средняя общеобразовательная школа №2, Каргасок, Томской области

Предмет, класс: английский язык, 7-9 класс

Тема : Задания могут быть использованы при подготовке и проведении различных видов контроля на усмотрение учителя по различным темам для проверки навыков устной речи и чтения, а также во время речевой разминки на уроках и при подготовке к итоговому зачёту по устной речи.

Вид контроля: Контроль навыков устной речи и чтения

Разработка выполнена в среде : Microsoft Word

Минимальные технические требования: Наличие заданий для каждого ученика

Инструментальные средства для создания заданий: программа Microsoft Word


Раздел 1 Образцы заданий I уровня

Работа с предложениями и вопросами

Раздел 2 Образцы заданий II уровня

Работа c творческими ситуациями

Раздел 3 Образцы заданий III уровня

Работа с текстами


Раздел 1 Образцы заданий I уровня

Работа с предложениями и вопросами

  1. Fill in the blanks with as many words and phrases as possible.

(Дополните предложение ,используя как можно больше слов и фраз по возможности)

1.Jane’s dog is always happy when Jane…

2.The child was crying because….

3.I looked out of the window and saw…

4.The dog wants…

5.I’d like someone to…

6.It’s great when…

7.If I had a chance I’d…

II. Use the words below in as long and meaningful sentences as possible.

(Используя слова ниже, попробуйте развить мысль так, чтобы получилось более длинное и многозначное предложение)

Example: Mary /go/ post office…

Mary is expecting important letters so she goes to the post office every day on her way from work.

1.I /see/ people.

2.Woman /lonely/ cat.

3.Girl /run/ boyfriend.

4.Aunt Julia/give/ 10 dollars.

5.She /worry/ son.

III. Answer the questions according the situation.

(Ответьте на вопросы согласно предложенной ситуации)

1. What 3 wishes of yours would you ask a fairy to make true? Why?

2. You saw a brother in conversation with a friend. What do you think they spoke about?

3. If you were a movie producer and had a chance to screen any book you’d like, what book would it be? Why?

4. Your friend said, ”There was so much noise that I could not hear anything!” What place did he speak about?

5.Your mother came home and said “ I’m very pleased with what you have done”.

What did you do on that day?

IV. Comment on the following statements using your personal opinion .

(Прокомментируйте следующие утверждения, выразив своё личное отношение к сказанному)

1.“All that I am or hope to be ,I owe to my mother.”(A.Lincoln )

2.Many parents encourage their children to study well by giving extra pocket money for each good mark

What can you say for and against this practice?

Раздел 2 Образцы заданий II уровня

Работа c творческими ситуациями

I Restore situations where these phrases can be used.

(Восстановите ситуацию где могли бы прозвучать эти фразы)

1.”I can’t imagine why.”

2.”There was nothing I could do about it.”

3.”You can’t understand me.”

II Your choice

(Сделай выбор в данной ситуации и объясни его аргументировано, отвечая на предложенные вопросы по ситуации)

1.You are walking up to your apartment and you see that it is burning. You have enough time to run in and take only one thing. What do you take?

Why do you choose this item What makes it so irreplaceable? Is your object of monetary or emotional value? Explain why this is important.

2.Holidays are special times when people give or receive meaningful presents to and from loved ones signifying their love for one another.

What do you think is better: to give or to receive presents? Why? What presents do you especially wish for? Why do you want these things? If you had the money or ability to give one person in the world anything, what would you give, to whom and why?

Раздел 3 Образцы заданий III уровня

Работа с текстами

Read the texts and answer the questions using logical thinking.
(Прочитайте тексты и ответьте на вопросы используя логическую догадку)

1.John came late. The party was very interesting. . He didn't want to leave

earlier than others. He liked the parties that the Browns sometimes had on

Saturdays: He was happy. But suddenly he remembered that he must take his

exam in History and there was no time left. He had only one day to prepare for

it. The party was forgotten at once.

When will John take his exam in History?
2.A lady was 5 minutes late for the concert. When she came into the hall the

orchestra was playing some music. She found her seat and asked her right-hand

neighbour: 1"What are they playing?" The man looked at her angrily and said:

"The Ninth Symphony". "Oh, dear," exclaimed the lady. "I have missed all the

previous ones".

How many symphonies did the lady miss?
3. They speak the language that no other country in the world uses. They live in

small villages. Their houses are made of dry tree branches. They do not wear

many clothes but a lot of different decorations. Their food is fruit, fish and

meat of animals which they hunt. Some tribes use elephants as their working

force. The climate is dry and hot. Water is often difficult to find. They like

music, dancing and telling stories which pass from generation to generation.
On what continent do they live?
4.One day the police found a gold ring, a picture and a coat in the car. They


found out that those things belonged to a filmstar, a doctor and a
businessman. The ring did not belong to a doctor. The coat did not belong to a
businessman. The picture belonged to a women. the filmstar did not wear
Who did the picture belong to?
5. Read a fairy-tale about Cinderella and do the tasks.

(Прочитайте сказку о Золушке и выполните задания)

Forced by her cruel stepmother and stepsisters to do all the work, Cinderella often sat by the chimney when her work was done. In fact, this is how she got her name; they called her Cinderella because she had been always covered with cinders.
One day the king's son gave a ball to which Cinderella's stepsisters were invited. Cinderella helped them dress and fix their hair, and when they left for the ball, she began to cry, for she, too, wanted to go.
Suddenly, Cinderella's fairy godmother appeared and told her that she would see to it that she could go. The fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a beautiful coach; six mice into six horses; a rat into a coachman; and six lizards into footmen. Then she turned Cinderella's rags into a beautiful gown and gave her a lovely pair of little glass slippers. As the coach pulled away, the fairy godmother warned Cinderella to leave before the stroke of midnight. She told her that at midnight all would be as it had been before the magic spell.
Cinderella arrived at the ball, and the prince fell in love with her at first sight. The two danced all night. Then, at 11:45, Cinderella ran off as quickly as she could. She arrived home just before her stepsisters. When her stepsisters returned, they told Cinderella about the beautiful princess who had appeared at the ball.

The next night the ball was to continue. Again, as soon as the stepsisters left, Cinderella's fairy godmother appeared, and Cinderella, too, went to the ball. This time, however, Cinderella almost forgot to leave. When she heard the first stroke of midnight, she fled. But as she did, she dropped one of her glass slippers.
The prince found the slipper and pronounced that he would marry the maiden whose foot fit the slipper. His servant carried the slipper from home to home and tried it on all the young maidens. At last he came to the home of Cinderella and her stepsisters. Each stepsister tried to squeeze her foot into the slipper, but could not. When Cinderella asked to try it on, her stepsisters laughed. But the gentleman said that he had been ordered to try it on all the young ladies of the kingdom.
Of course, the slipper fit perfectly. What's more, Cinderella had the mate in her pocket. Cinderella and her prince were married. Being kind as well as beautiful, Cinderella forgave her stepsisters. She gave them a home in the palace and married them to two lords of the court.

Knowledge (знание):

  1. How many people were in Cinderella's family?

  2. Who made it possible for Cinderella to go to the ball?

  3. What did Cinderella lose on the palace steps?

Comprehension (понимание):

  1. Why couldn't Cinderella complain to her father?

2)How did Cinderella help her stepsisters prepare for the ball?

3) How did Cinderella's fairy godmother help her?
Application (использование):
1) If you were Cinderella's friend, how might you have helped her?

  1. Pretend that you are Cinderella. How did you feel when you saw yourself in the mirror after your fairy godmother finished with you?

  2. If you were Cinderella, how would you treat your stepsisters now that you are a princess?

Analysis (анализ):

  1. List some of the stepmother's good and bad qualities.

  2. Choose one character from the story and write a character sketch.

3) If you were Cinderella, how might you try to change your stepmother's
feelings toward you?
Synthesis (синтез):

  1. If Cinderella's stepmother had shown love for her, how might the story have been different?

  2. Create a new name for Cinderella now that she is a princess. Explain why you chose that name.

Evaluation (оценка):

1) Why, do you think, did the stepmother treat Cinderella as she did?

2) Which would you choose: to live with your family in your home or to live
in a palace as a prince or princess?

3) Did you like this story? Why or why not?
Creation ( творчество )

Tell about Cinderella's life after she married the prince.
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1.Выборова Г.Е. и др.Проверь себя: Тесты по английскому языку-М.,Аст-Пресс,1996

2.Клементьева Т.В.Reader-Обнинск,Титул,1996

3.Любченко А.С.Новые олимпиады по английскому языку- Ростов н/Дону,Феникс,2005

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